Europe size compared to US: Know The Differences

Before getting into the comparison between these two countries and their sizes, let's begin with introducing each of the countries individually. There are seven continents of different land-mass in the largest continent and the smallest continent. As per its geography Europe is one of the biggest continents. As each of the countries will be defined, it will get self-explanatory about these countries' sizes. Which continents of the world are big and in what terms?  

If you are planning to move to Europe, This Will help you a lot to understand European Countries

Europe - 

The continent of Europe is located in the northern hemisphere, mostly in the Eastern hemispheres. Europe's parts are surrounded by Arctic oceans in the north,  the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean seas to the south, and Asia to its west.  Speaking about Europe, it is a country with about 10 million km ² of geographic area.  Can you believe how big it is? Although there are a few States that are not completely under the geographical area of Europe. These states are partially located in Europe. 

The area under Europe is only accounted for as part of Europe. According to the size, it is ranked as. If you live in countries like Brazil,  you can not cross one state even in 12 hours of your ongoing trip. Stay in Europe the one hour of your trip and you'll be amazed at the number of states you crossed. And also amazed at how small Europe size compared to US and to other bigger countries like Brazil. Eurasia together is one of the biggest continents of all the continents which covers high civilization geographically large surface area including greenland and various largest countries. 

The US -

The US is one of the biggest countries, it covers 50 states from North American regions, comprising Alaska in the northwest; Hawaii extends its presence to the Pacific Ocean. The major Atlantic coast cities of the US  are New York and it is the most financially Rich, culturally Heritage Place with the capital of Washington DC. Us covers about 9.834 million km². Us has a population of over 320 million recorded in the year 2019.

US VS Europe - 

The comparison between the US and Europe is not vast if looking through the area and size.  Europe size compared to the US are nearly the same when it comes to comparison in terms of area.  Europe being 10.2 million km² US, is 9.8 million km ². This makes both countries almost equal in area. In case the comparison is made in terms of population, the US covers over 320 million people. Europe is one of the biggest continents and constitutes 740 million people in its landmass. This makes Europe much more populated than the US.


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